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Gonzalez Returns for Lower League E Cup

Joshua Gonzalez to represent Runners in Group D
Published Feb 1, 2023

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS - San Antonio native Joshua Gonzalez, a graduate student at Texas A&M San Antonio studying Exercise Science, will return to represent San Antonio Runners in the Lower League E Cup for a second season, playing FIFA 23 on the XBOX. Last season, Joshua made it to the knockout rounds in the Second Division for XBOX finishing in 9th place. 

Currently, Joshua competes in PlayVs for TAMU - SA eSports program and has competed in the eUSL Cup. 

In Group D for XBOX, Joshua will be competing against Bateaux FC (Eau Claire, WI); Laguna United FC (Laguna Niguel, CA); and our local friends, the Crocketteers Supporters Group of San Antonio, TX. 

Check him out on Twitch at and on social media @WhenInDoubt_13



The Lower League eCup is a one-of-a-kind, annual nationwide FIFA (video game) tournament for lower league soccer clubs, supporters, and players. 

Not-for-profit and independent from existing leagues, the Lower League eCup began as a way for supporters and clubs to stay engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, the eCup has transitioned to become an annual offseason event that connects the lower levels of American soccer like no other. 

Through three editions of the tournament, over 140 clubs from 38 states have been represented, and eCup matches have combined to attract tens of thousands of views on Twitch.

The eCup isn't your typical eSports event. With announcers who talk about peacocks and the effect of hand circumference on finger flexibility, to action-packed, competitive FIFA matches, the Lower League eCup has something for everybody.

We'll create the platform, and it's your choice what you do with it.

The 2023 tournament will kickoff in mid-February and runs through the end of March.


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