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Runners Draw in their first away game

The Runners draw to Capital City on the road.
Published Sep 16, 2019

The San Antonio Runners ended this weekend's game on the road with a 2 - 2 draw against Capital City SC. 

The Runners had a slow start getting scored on off a poor pass to keeper Harry Castella (17) in the 3rd minute. Despite not being able to connect passes well, the Runners ended the first half with a 1 -1 tie. John Mendoza scored off a penalty kick in the 32nd minute. 

As the second half continued, the Runners had a few opportunitues that lead to two goals being called offside. Around the 60th minute, keeper Harry Castella came out for the ball and was hit by one of the Capital City players. This contact lead to Harry needing to be substitued due to a disloacted shoulder, keeper Justin Jimenez, subbed in for him. From there on the game was pretty even until around the 70th minute Capital City took the ball down the left side of the field and beat the Runners's outside back,  taking the keeper 1 on 1 and scoring second post.

The Runners took their time trying to take the ball into the final third, but could not get a goal in that wasn't called offsides. Around the 80th minute Randy Martinez took a free kick in the final third and scored from 25 yards out to tie the game. 

Despite having 6 minutes of over time, the Runners couldn't score another goal. 

Next week the Runnes take on Coyotes FC at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Temple, TX for the first qualifying round of the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup. 


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